Coffee Talk: How to Get Your Fix & Do Some Good

Real talk: I am 1,000% addicted to coffee ( can that be a thing??) Iced, hot, flavored, bulletproof- I don't discriminate! Most of the time I reason my outrageous cravings with the fact that there are far worse things I could be addicted I right?

I usually like to brew up my own (shout out to french presses for making coffee so great!) But recently, I starting turning my Sunday morning coffee routine into something that can benefit both the local coffee shop, @islandcoffehaus and give mother nature a boost- not to mention the added bonus of giving me and my other half a little exercise while enjoying our beautiful beaches IRL.



If you don't know already, Island Coffee Haus offers discounts for those who bring their own cup or reuse the one they are given, but they also offer discounts to those who bring in trash from our beaches. How awesome is that?! So, if you are visiting Anna Maria Island and desperately need a cup of joe like me- make sure to BYOC (bring your own cup) and enjoy your brew while picking up trash (and treasures) on a morning walk. FYI: YOU CAN DO THIS WHERE EVER YOU ARE


80% of ocean waste starts on land. 80%!!! Our beaches need all of us to lend a hand when it comes to cleaning up ocean waste and becoming a part of the solution by not contributing to the problem. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. And always remember to pick up after yourself and others. As an intelligent species I think we have the ability, and more importantly, the responsibility to make that percentage a lot smaller, don't you?

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