Restless Natives Big Batch Boozy Lemonade

You know it, you love it, you've asked for the recipe.... Every event season we break out our famous little cocktails and we've had so many people ask how to make it that we finally decided to share it with you!


Nothing says summer like a cool glass of this refreshing, boozy adult beverage so go ahead and call of your search for the perfect party cocktail. Jazz up these 3 ingredients with fresh berries and lemon slices like we do and, voila! You have a crowd-pleaser. Feelin' fancy? Add a sprig of mint! Want it stronger or milder? Go ahead, we won't judge you.


Restless Natives Big Batch Boozy Lemonade

Simple Blueberry Lemonade

Rasberry Vodka

7 up


Optional Garnishes:

Lemon Slices

Fresh or Frozen Berries




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