Top 5 Places to Catch a Buzz on Anna Maria Island

As a local, it's easy to have your favorite drinking joints already picked out in your head, so in order to really narrow this list down to 5, I volunteered myself as your personal drinking guinea pig! It doesn't really count if it's research....right? You're welcome in advance.


The Doctors Office, Holmes Beach FL

Not the first place you'd think of to grab a cocktail, but one of my favorite places to get a little pick me up. Whether you like spirits, beer or wine- the doctor has delicious craft cocktails and beverages to cure all ails! My only tips would be to always try something new here & to prepare for a wait when it's busy, as the building is quite small.


The Waterfront, Anna Maria FL

If you want a drink with a casual ambiance and a view, The Waterfront is your place. This restaurant delivers when it comes to making yummy drinks and delicious food- but I'll save the food for another time. Every time I come here, I can't resist their Jalapeno Margarita, and let me be the first to say that I don't even like tequila! It's that good. 


Bridge Tender Inn?


Ugly Grouper?



Do you have a favorite place? Drop us a suggestion in the comments below!




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